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Press brings cloud communications to small multifamily buildings

Alex  Norman the CEO and co-founder of mycoop technologies, describes how his proptech brings something new to the real estate tech and amenities space. “I found most of the technology in the real estate space that focuses on property management really targets the large luxury complexes,” says Alex Norman, “Actually there are none for the most part that service smaller buildings that are run by mom and pops or individuals who can be hard to reach.”is a social network exclusively available to residents of a particular building. The Manhattan-based site even vets phone numbers and billing addresses before granting access. Read the article.

A Social Network For City Buildings, So Neighbors Can Organize

If you live in a densely packed city and don’t own a can-opener, it’s unlikely you’ll descend several flights of stairs and ask someone in the building next door if you can borrow one. You’d probably just ask someone who lives in your own building, which is just one of the many reasons why Alex Norman created MyCoop (pronounced “my-koop,” not “co-op”), a free, private social network for city buildings so residents can barter, swap services, and circulate important updates. Read the article.

A Local Social Network That Stays Indoors

Nowadays pretty much everything has moved online. You can deposit a check online, order groceries online, search for jobs online. Yet when it comes to communicating with your neighbors, we tack up posters on bulletin boards or in elevators. One startup called MyCoop wants to help change that by bringing high-rise building communication into the 21st century. Read the article.

Tech Startup Offers Social-Networking Platform for Co-ops and Condos

Many co-ops and condos have public websites. Many more have internal websites where residents can schedule repairs, read building documents, pay their monthly charges online and do myriad other things. You know what most co-ops and condos don’t have? A building-specific social network platform. Read the article.

The building bulletin board goes virtual with mycoop

A New York City apartment building is like a big, often dysfunctional family, with some members you interact with regularly and others you suffer because you have to. No matter how large or small the clan, communication is important (these are the people with whom you share a roof and walls!), which is why the free private social network MyCoop makes a lot of sense. Read the article

Mycoop, a social network for building tenants

Every week seems to bring a new social network — or two, or three, or twenty. And while everyone is all excited about Ello, a social network that promises to be the anti-Facebook by banning ads and instead charging people for special features and functions, there are some other interesting new social networks on the radar. Read the article.

Mayor dd Blasio and NYCEDC President Kimball announce 20 finalists of NYC BigApps 2014

Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) President Kyle Kimball today announced the 20 finalists of NYC BigApps 2014, the nation’s largest civic innovation competition. Read the article.

NYC Startup Mycoop: The social network that hits home

A finalist in the NYC Big Apps ‘Live’ category, MyCoop is a social platform for residential buildings, making it easy for neighbors to communicate, share and get access to important information that matters – and hits them where they live. Founder (and boy next door) Alex Norman tells us more about a service. Read the article.

Newsweek wrote an article about the hit HBO show Silicon Valley and asked startup founders at the recent 2014 NYC TechCrunch Disrupt conference their opinions of the show, quoting our very own mycoop founder, Alex Norman. Read the article.

Co-op Owners Now Have Their Own Social Networking Site

LinkedIn is the site for job-hunters, OKCupid is for singles looking for love and now a new website is catering to New York City’s co-op dwellers. My Coop, an exclusive website devoted to people who live in NYC’s co-op buildings, includes 91 buildings — and counting — on a social networking site with landing pages for tony buildings including the historic Ansonia. Read the

The Social Hour 145: Mycoop, Quit Your Job, YouTube Comment Overhaul

Amber & Sarah chat about Tumblr people tagging, the Snapchat “privacy phenomenon”, Tuxedo Kittie, a social network for apartment dwellers, the Quit Your Job app, & more! Go to 49:18 of this weeks episode. See episode.

New social media site will introduce neighbors

Apartment owners now have their own social media networking site., launched by advertising executive Alex Norman in an effort to foster communication among residents, already counts residents of the iconic Upper West Side building the Ansonia among its participants. Read the article.

Stand out social media startups

MyCoop is a social network exclusively available to residents of a particular building. The Manhattan-based site even vets phone numbers and billing addresses before granting access. Read the article.

Neighbors Beefs, Bonding

Calling all co-op owners: there’s a nascent social media network for you to join. It’s called Friendster Facebook Vine Snapchat My Coop. Right, like where chickens live, rather than a cooperative living arrangement. Read the article.

Mycoop was featured in this article about pitches to Jos White, the entrepreneur-turned-investor, at Entrepreneurs Roundtable 63. Read the article.

Going Up? – Co-op Week

Some architects have already built shared communal spaces into high-rises to promote this “vertical community,” but Mycoop takes that shared space and makes it digital, easily accessible, and versatile. To sign up, you go to the website and put in your address, which is verified through your phone bill. If your building is already part of Mycoop, they will grant you access. If it’s not, a basic skeleton site will automatically generate, which you and your neighbors can then build up. Read the article.