MyCoop: Meaning behind the name

Even before our official launch, many people have asked us why we chose the name “mycoop” for our company? The meaning behind mycoop is surprisingly complex.

We knew that the name needed to be about making your home life better. But all the domain names with the words “home”, “house”, “apartment”, etc. had been scooped up long ago. They were a bit too serious anyway.  We discovered “mycoop” which embraced the idea of “my home” but in a fun way reflecting our values. Fortunately, we found many people who referred to their apartments as their “coop” a surprising number of times – meaning behind mycoop #1.

Then there’s the chicken thing. We like chickens, and we sure enjoy telling some really bad chicken jokes.  Now, though, all of a sudden we’ve become part of a bigger trend – who knew?  Following on the growing popularity of raising exotic pets at home, growing chickens even in the cities is catching on.  Celebs are also getting involved. Just ask Jennifer Anniston who is planning to raise chickens (with coops already in place) at her Bel Air estate. Eggs over easy anyone? Meaning behind mycoop #2.

However, there’s a lot deeper meaning to this as well. At mycoop we’re dedicated to helping residents enjoy life in building and about coming together to get things done. It may be having the lobby painted, planting a rooftop garden, or organizing a fund-raising event. However, what does it take to get any of these things done?  COOPERATION.   That’s the third meaning behind mycoop, and tells you lot about why we’re really here.

Now as we prepare to finally go-live we look forward to having our residents give the name further meaning. Find out what mycoop means to YOU.