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As a building manager, your job goes far beyond ensuring a semblance of cooperation and community among your residents, it also includes going green!

Being in charge, you have the power to actually make a positive environmental change by upgrading the inner workings of your building.

Buildings are responsible for 73 percent of the country’s electricity consumption. With ever-increasing energy consumption, we’re seeing an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as water consumption.

And given the present condition of the environment, the sooner we take action to correct our mistakes, the better.

That’s why you have to take the right steps to not just educate your building residents, but also lead by example.

Educating Your Residents on ‘Going Green’ Practices

Our individual habits play a major role in damaging the environment.

Leaving the lights on throughout the day, using too many disposable paper towels, using hot water to wash our clothes, not recycling—a little goes a long way, and unfortunately, the effects of these habits are becoming noticeable.

However, there is still time to correct our mistakes. And we can start by bringing people together under one goal.

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Planning a Good Strategy

First, note down the various problems occurring throughout the building that need attention. Incandescent bulbs, wilting plants, small mountains of plastic bags in trash cans—find out what needs to be changed.

Next, announce an event on subsequent changes to your building and ask for feedback. While some might be reluctant to accept these changes, don’t worry. Gather all their questions and concerns, and bring in a professional on climate change so they can provide informative answers for any queries your residents may have. Also, take their suggestions into account.

For some changes, like bringing in recycling bins or upgrading to a smart thermostat, you’ll need to host a fundraiser. For that, you’ll need to make sure that everyone’s onboard and willing to chip in.

Take a Communal Approach to Improving the Environment

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With such massive changes, you need to make sure that your building residents know that they’re not alone in their efforts. So promote them!

Use mycoop as a content and communication platform, and be active in spreading awareness about the efforts your building residents are making.

Provide information on steps your residents can take to make their homes more eco-friendly, and be available if a resident has a problem.

As the leader of this movement, be present, and encourage and support the progress your residents are making.


It is a critical moment for the environment at present. But with small steps, we can give our planet the care it needs by going green!