How The IOT Is Changing The Way People Ask For Maintenance Help

One of the biggest concerns for building managers is figuring the needs of their residents. Every resident has a different way to ask for maintenance help. Some like doing everything on their own, while others need extra help.

The job of a building manager is without any doubt, very tough. Catering to the needs of your residents and making sure they’re safe and comfortable is top priority.

Thankfully, with the advent of new technology—specifically IOT—everything is becoming easier. But how is IOT changing the way residents ask for maintenance help?

Let’s take a look:

Helps Boost maintenance team Performance

Automation can make your job easier. By keeping track of maintenance teams and keeping an eye out for potential issues that can cause major problems later on, IOT can help boost team performance.

For example: If a resident is using Amazon’s Alexa, they can easily connect it with their MyCoop software. This way, they can simply “talk” to Alexa for repairs.

Let’s say resident A has a problem with a leaky faucet. They can use Amazon’s Alexa to lodge a complaint with the building’s management so that the problem can be quickly fixed. Alexa can automatically lodge a complaint through MyCoop without the resident having to go downstairs physically.

What this does is help your employees stay on their toes and quickly respond to the problems of residents ASAP.

No More Delays

No More Delays

One of the perks of IOT is that when it comes to addressing resident problems, you won’t have to worry about delays. Devices like Alexa, once connected with MyCoop, will automatically lodge complaints on behalf of tenants.

You will then get a notification that resident A or B need assistance. You can then address the problem immediately if it’s an emergency. This way, you won’t be wasting time and can quickly get to the bottom of the problem.

Everything is Stress-Free

You won’t have to run around, trying to recall which resident had complained about a certain problem. Everything will be in your MyCoop software. You can quickly browse through a list of complaints and address them accordingly.

When everything is organized and easily accessible, it’ll all become stress-free. In addition, all the building members can interact with one another without compromising their privacy.

Mycoop is a residential engagement software designed to help managers fulfill their responsibilities and to help residents interact with each other. Through our software you can create close knitted communities and engage with your residents to effectively resolve building concerns. Learn more about the pricing details for our apartment building management software here.