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Property management is not just about managing property, its about improving the quality of life for residents. Gathering resident feedback on how well those improvements are working is essential to successfully managing property.

In order to get resident feedback regularly, you need to establish a two-way communication channel with the residents of the building. As the building management, you need to be the first ones to take a step in that direction.

Communication is key to ensuring that the residents in your building are satisfied and feel like their issues are heard.

Here are a few tips on how to get and use feedback from the residents.

Set Up a Complaint Line

Living with other residents in an apartment building is sometimes not the ideal situation. You can experience anything from a noisy party in the middle of the night to pet waste in the hallway. What would a resident’s first course of action be, if they encounter such an issue? They’d want to alert the authorities of the building immediately.

As a manager, you should have a functional complaint line so that you can receive notifications from concerned residents.  An automated call-in line would be a great way to collect feedback from residents and resolve issues in a timely manner.

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Conduct Anonymous Online Surveys

While receiving calls about complaints regarding the building is an effective way of collecting feedback, it doesn’t allow for an extensive message.

When you’re on the line, something might skip their mind and you won’t be able to get an in-depth response from the resident. Besides, there’s the problem of anonymity, which might make a few people hesitant with voicing their concerns honestly.

With an online survey, you have the option of getting detailed descriptions of issues, the severity of the problem, and getting your performance rated.

Welcome Negative Feedback

Often times, the problem is not just with getting information from residents but with handling the feedback you get. It’s only natural that people would bring up their problems to you if you’re part of the management. It’s your job to listen to them objectively, offer an unbiased solution and work toward implementing it.

Failure to take negative comments productively will only affect the standard of service you offer and aggravate the living conditions for the residents. You want to be as welcoming as possible for all kinds of feedback.

And expect to get an abundance of negative feedback because people tend to reach out only in times of distress. It’s best to avoid a defensive attitude and adopt a compassionate tone at all times.

Here’s why you need an online communication platform so that residents feel free to provide their feedback. Our charges are a small price to pay for the comfort that your residents will enjoy.