Social distancing in your building

Most of us will be spending a lot of time in our apartments over the coming weeks. Here’s how you can practice social distancing in your building during the corona virus pandemic.

You are probably thinking to yourself, “I already avoid my neighbors so why do I need the advice”? This may be true, but recent events may have increased your likelihood of spending more time than usual in your apartment and make neighborly interaction simply unavoidable.

It is true that never leaving your apartment during the coronavirus pandemic is the most effective means of prevention. It will reduce your chances of infection and reduces the chances of the virus spreading. Studies have found that a healthy amount of social distancing is better than a travel ban or other restrictions.

For many of us it is not always possible to hunker down and stay put in our apartments. Circumstances may not afford the luxury of working from home or avoiding public transit. Sometimes even the coziest of apartments can feel cramped and you just need to get out of the house.

That being said, for those who have the opportunity to stay in, we would like to share some tips on how to stay safe. Remember, your apartment may be your ‘safety zone’ but your building contains many apartments, neighbors, hallways and potential opportunities for you to come in contact with the virus. Here are some ways to practice social distancing in your Apartment building.

Mycoop social distancing

Things to consider when leaving and returning to your apartment:

Group activities during off-peak hours

Try to get as much done in one outing, you want to minimize the number of trips and try to stay in your apartment for as long as you can. Try to leave your apartment early in the morning or late at night to avoid crowds and reduce the time you spend in those locations. Always wanted to be a morning person? Well now is your chance.

Avoid surfaces

While leaving and entering your building, avoid touching handrails, doorknobs and buttons with your bare hands. Studies suggest the virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to three days, so you want to be careful. Luckily the weather is still cool in the parts of the world where this virus exists, so it still may be okay to wear your winter gloves instead of the latex alternative – just so you know, you have options.

Avoid crowded elevators

If your building has an elevator don’t hesitate to pass if the door opens to a crowded lift. You are better taking the stairs or waiting for the next empty elevator to arrive than to spend 2-3 minutes only inches away from other people. Look on the bright side, now you have an excuse to avoid those awkward elevator moments of silence…you’re welcome.

Change clothes

Every time you get home, change your clothes and shoes and try to wash them often. Remember the show “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” from your youth? Well, Mister Rogers immediately changed his clothes when he arrived at the beginning every show. It was a great idea back then and an even better idea now (red cardigan optional).

Create a dedicated change zone

Create a staging area by your door where you keep all of your items that you take with you out into the wild: Clothes, shoes, keys, phones etc. Try putting items in a plastic bag if you would feel like being extra careful or if you are a fan of CSI.

Take a shower

Jump in the shower soon after entering your apartment. Showering will not only keep you clean, but it will feel great and give you piece of mind. Sometimes a nice shower can put your mind at ease and provide a comforting treat during these stressful times.

Let us know if these tips were helpful please email us at with your thoughts and suggestions on ways to practice social distancing in your apartment building ahead of the coronavirus pandemic.

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