Mycoop: Welcome to the neighborhood!


We are pleased to welcome mycoop to the neighborhood.

It was over 2 years ago when we first raised the question to our families and friends: What tools are available that can possibly help us find, connect and communicate with our neighbors while living in the city?

At the time, the answers that came back were less than satisfactory. First, the intercom system hadn’t seen any major innovation since the late 90’s and secondly, the most powerful social networks, that have helped us connect with our friends and colleagues around the world, were simply not capable of connecting us with the people across the hallway.

The answer was that a new type of network needed to be created, one that was simple to use, yet powerful enough to give us what we need.

So we created mycoop.

Mycoop is a secure social platform that makes it easy for neighbors to connect, collaborate, and communicate with each other to improve their homes, buildings and neighborhoods in which they live.

Mycoop may not be for everyone, but for those of us who remembered what it was like to know your neighbors and to think it was okay ask for a cup of Tasters Choice or a few hours to watch the kids, then Mycoop is for you.

So for all of us who remember and everyone else who would like to learn, join MyCoop today and say ‘hello’ to your neighbors and help make living at home fun again.

Alex Norman, Founder