Moving to a new neighborhood can be exciting, stressful and scary at the same time. You’re getting the opportunity to reinvent yourself and have a fresh start in life. Not many people get this rare chance—count yourself lucky! Relocating to a new place also allows you to meet new people in your neighborhood and build long-lasting relationships with them.

A research study shows that a third of Americans have never interacted with their neighbors. But, getting to know your neighbors is crucial for several reasons. From safety to community development, here is why you should make an honest effort to get to know the people in your neighborhood:

Ensure Your Personal Safety

Do you live alone in your apartment? Are you and your family leaving town for a few weeks? You can ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your apartment. Talk to your neighbors and get to know them. This can be as simple as stopping and making conversation with them once a while. Remember, in case of emergency, your next-door neighbor can be a reliable source of assistance. They will come to your rescue during a stressful time.

Ensure Your Personal Safety

Gain Access to Useful Information

If you need information about your building or neighborhood, do not hesitate to ask them. Whether you’re searching for a babysitter, a bar or a plumber in your area, your neighbor can give you just the information you need!

Receive help

Most neighbors love helping each other out since they live close to each other. Always be open to help and be welcoming to neighbors attempting to start conversations with you.

Sharing is an important concept in neighborhoods. But, sharing goes both ways and is not just limited to things but includes ideas as well. If your neighbor asks you for something, make sure you return the favor.

Expand Your Social Network

Making new friends isn’t just great for your social life, but research says that friendships can contribute to better mental and emotional health.

Building strong and meaningful friendships with your neighbors allow you to gain a new perspective on life. Your neighbors also add to your business connections.

Sense of Community

We’re living in extremely stressful, turbulent times where we’re losing our sense of community. Community building is essential for tackling major environmental, social and financial problems and improving quality of life.

Community and collaborating with your neighbors is one way to promote a positive, friendly community.

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