Etiquette 101: A Guide to Getting Along With Your Neighbors

If you’re living in a large apartment, you’ll get to meet all kinds of people every day. While some people are fortunate to have great neighbors, others might get stuck with people they’re not too happy with.

How can you maintain amicable relations with your neighbors? Here are some important tips to consider for getting along with your neighbors:

Be Respectful

This is the most important rule for living in an apartment. Always respect your neighbors’ time and space. This entails keeping the noise level to a minimum, maintaining proper cleanliness and making sure that your pet doesn’t get in their way. When living in an apartment, it’s easy to forget that you live with other people. Be considerate of other people. If you are planning a party, inform your neighbors in advance.

If you’re dealing with a noisy neighbor, ask them politely to turn down the noise.  And when they do so, thank them.

Be Respectful

Be Friendly

If you are new in the neighborhood, a smile and a simple hello can go a long way in making new friends. Once you’ve moved in, introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors. To make a lasting impression on your neighbors, invite them over for lunch or bake something for them.

Do Favors Once in a While

It doesn’t hurt to do something good for your neighbor every once in a while. That’s what being a good neighbor is all about! Sharing and helping goes both ways though.

Does your next-door neighbor need help painting their space? Help them out whenever you can. Be there for them. You will feel much better about yourself.

Resolve Issues in Person

If there are any problems that need to be solved, address them immediately and in person. Communicate with them openly and directly so that you can work together to solve the issue. Be firm, honest but do not lose your cool. Engaging in unnecessary drama won’t help anyone.

Build a Community

Building good rapport with your neighbors and your building manager is important for improving the living conditions of your apartment and your quality of life.

Getting to know your neighbors doesn’t have to hard; all you need is to talk to them. By using property management software, mycoop, you can communicate and connect with your neighbors and build strong, positive and healthy relationships with them.

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