Help Your Elderly Neighbors During the Coronavirus With These Tips

The novel coronavirus has forced all of us to make major changes to our lifestyles. Many of us are still locked in our apartments with little to no physical interaction with others. But as bad as things are for us, it’s our elderly neighbors that are most impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

Not only does the coronavirus hit seniors harder, but it’s also pushing them into isolation because their families and friends are told to maintain distance. The elderly need a sense of purpose on regular days, and that’s become much more difficult during the current pandemic.

If you’re living in a community with elderly neighbors, here are some ways you can help them during the pandemic:

1. Check Up On Them Regularly

They may not be allowed to go out and about, but you can still check up on them. Take their phone number and make a point to call them at least once a day to see how they’re doing.

You can arrange a schedule with your other neighbors and take turns to call them.

2. Go For A Walk With Them At A Distance

Health experts continue to emphasize the importance of exercise during isolation; your elderly neighbors can benefit from some outdoor time too.

If you’re living in a quiet neighborhood, you can schedule a walk with your elderly neighbor at a time when the area isn’t as crowded. Make sure both of you have masks on and maintain a 6ft distance at all times.

3. Do Their Groceries

Do Their Groceries

Elderly individuals are asked to stay away from crowds, and so, a visit to the local grocery store can be risky for them. Instead of waiting for them to ask, tell them that you’ll do groceries for them, and ask for a list of things they need.

Again, you and your neighbors can take turns doing grocery-runs for them.

4. Help Them With Technology

Technology makes self-isolation more tolerable for all of us. Help your elderly neighbors with their technological devices so they can entertain themselves and stay connected to all their loved ones.

Come up with ideas with your neighbors and make a list of things you can do for your elderly neighbors in these trying times.

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