Living in a city can be difficult. Crowds, noise, and smog– sometimes you just want to come home, plop on the couch and get away from it all in your own space.

There is one little problem, though…

Where we live can feel just as packed as the office or the subway. High rents, small rooms, and roommates can make where you live feel like a hassle instead of home.

Luckily, with creativity and flexibility, you can transform your space from feeling like a sardine can to your very own Versailles.

This article from Buzzfeed lists some great home goods that are practical for having multiple functions without taking up a lot of space, without sacrificing style and grace.

Another great Buzzfeed list, you can check out some awesome photos for how to design your apartment so it looks great, feels cozy, and makes good use of all its nooks and crannies.

This article from HouseBeautiful helps you get in the right mindset for approaching the design and layout of your place, with pearls of wisdom like  “visual continuity creates calm.”

This series of photos  of the best small apartment design ideas from the design and architecture website Freshome proves anything is possible in a small space. Try not to gape at these beautiful rooms too much and go out there and make your apartment just as stunning!

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