We know that many of the world’s biggest stars reside in a city as grand as New York City. If you’ve lived in New York, chances are you’ve had a few celebrity spotting, or, if you’re lucky, you’ve seen them in your own building. Just check out this awesome NYC star map to see what neighborhoods they live in. Looking at this map prompted us at mycoop to wonder who would be the TOP FIVE best and worst celebrities to have as neighbors.


1. Bill Murray

best and worst celebrity neighbors

Bill Murray is a crowd pleaser. He’s nice, funny, and quirky – the kind of guy you can grab a beer with after you bump into each other in the hallway. He’s an old New York celebrity standby, and real New Yorkers will eventually have their ‘Bill Murray’ story. Case in point: Gothamist asks “Have YOU run into Bill Murray Yet?” Bill Murray Stories, a website devoted to people submitting their Bill Murray urban legends and encounters, has a NYC section.  Besides, if you ever need someone for your neighborhood kickball team, he’s got your back.

2. Chelsea Clinton

best and worst celebrity neighbors

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Managing agent won’t respond to your tenth call about fixing your leaky faucet? Co-op board abusing their power? Don’t worry – this celebrity neighbor can call her parents and have some strings pulled. Living next to Chelsea Clinton probably means your building will be pretty secure, and secret service agents can stop that guy from putting yet another Chinese takeout menu under your door.  Besides, when you go out to shop at a flea market, be sure to invite Chelsea – she seems to be a great bargain hunter and negotiator.

3. Jay-Z and Beyonce

best and worst celebrity neighbors

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The possibilities with having Jay and Bey as neighbors are endless: Jay knocks on your door because he has an extra court side ticket to a Nets game, they want to set up a playdate with Blue and Ivy and your kid, or Jay can use his shrewd business skills to help you sell your stuff on mycoop’s marketplace.

4. Tina Fey

best and worst celebrity neighbors

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If Tina Fey is anything like her character on 30 Rock, Liz Lemon, then she enjoys a good night staying in, eating junk food and watching bad TV. Sometimes you just don’t want to leave your warm and cozy apartment for the cold and harsh world, but you also don’t want to be alone. Tina would be the kind of neighbor whom you can knock on the door on a Friday night with a Real Housewives DVD and pint of ice cream – and not feel guilty about it.

5. Neil Patrick Harris

best and worst celebrity neighbors

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Neil Patrick Harris, as himself or as Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, would be a great guy to have living down the hall. Neil Patrick Harris has an adorable family who would be the kind of neighbors to have the best candy on Halloween. On the other hand, Barney Stinson would be the neighbor who who would be happy to go to the bar downstairs, or suggest a night on the town. His apartment parties would never be boring.


1. Alex Rodriguez

best and worst celebrity neighbors

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When you get home, you want peace and quiet. Living with A-Rod down the hall would mean the constant noise from a media circus buzzing around the building. Plus, his steroid-fueled strength would lead to a lot of stomping around the hallways and the front door to the building constantly being pulled off its hinges.

2. Bono

best and worst celebrity neighbors

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Bono is a great vocalist for U2, a very influential band. He’s also a philanthropist and tireless advocate for the poor and disenfranchised, especially in the third-world. That being said, expect a lot of flyers in your mailbox for fundraisers, and knocks on the door with a collection box in hand, canvassing for his charity. Eventually, you’ll grow wary of writing checks – even if its Bono from down the hall helping the (insert cause here).

3. Claire Danes

best and worst celebrity neighbors

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Claire Danes might be cool. I don’t know. But if she’s anything like Carrie Mathison, the CIA agent from Showtime’s Homeland, she’s likely to annoy the building with her paranoia and nosiness. Do you really want to hear her suspicions about the mailman being an undercover Al-Qaeda operative? Or the posts she’ll leave on the building bulletin board about the landlord planting secret cameras in everyone’s apartment? Didn’t think so.

4. Diddy

best and worst celebrity neighbors

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It’s hard enough remembering your neighbor’s names. Many of us live in big buildings with hundreds of residents, so it’s normal for it to take a few times to get someone’s name right. Imagine if Diddy was your neighbors for the last 20 years:

“Hi Shawn.”

“It’s Puff now.”

“Hey Puff.”

“It’s Puffy, actually.”

“How’s it going, Puffy?”

“Close, but I prefer ‘Puff Daddy.’”

“Hello Puff Daddy.”

“Is it cool if you call me P.Diddy from now on?”

“What’s up P. Diddy?”

“Just ‘Diddy,’ thank you.”

See the problem?

5.  Al Pacino

best and worst celebrity neighbors

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Al Pacino is an amazing actor. But, he’s played a lot of unsavory characters and ruthless criminals. True actors hone their craft by meeting and studying the kinds of people they play. Think twice next time you play your music too loud and Al has to come knocking on the door. He probably has some pretty scary friends.

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