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Taking on a kitchen renovation project is never easy, but it becomes even more of an inconvenience when you’re living in an apartment building with neighbors close by. Ongoing renovations in one apartment can disturb other tenants

If the apartment is vacant, the landlord doesn’t require special permissions from the state, nor do they owe adjoining neighbors an explanation. Contrary to what some residents believe, the landlord has the right to remodel a vacant apartment whenever they please.

That being said, it’s common courtesy to let residents know what’s happening and how long the project will take.

As a leading apartment building communication software, mycoop can be used to manage a kitchen renovation project to ensure that residents are kept in the loop.

Here’s how mycoop can help with kitchen renovations in a building:

1. Text Messaging Feature

Our text messaging feature allows property managers to get in touch with all the building’s residents quickly. Building residents can even opt in or out of text messages.

The text messaging feature can be used to announce the kitchen renovation project and inform residents about the timings, so they know when they should be ready for the associated noise.

2. Stay in Touch with the Building Association

Building associations give tenants a voice. Tenants who may have a problem with construction at certain times of the day can connect with the building association through mycoop.

The building association’s job is to improve livability for all tenants. That means it can set timing for construction projects in the building, so tenants know what to expect.

3. Update All Concerned Parties With Posting Features


Property managers can use mycoop’s posting features to keep landlords in the loop. They can also post photos and start discussions to show landlords how the project is progressing. Other landlords who may be interested in a kitchen renovation project can evaluate the contractor’s skills through the photos and get in touch with them.

Apartment buildings that want to improve communication between property managers, landlords, and residents can benefit from mycoop’s many features.

We’re a leading communication software for residential buildings. We encourage all apartment buildings to use our digital platform to give their stakeholders a voice.

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