Mycoop disaster supply kit

Its never too early to start collecting items for your disaster supply kit to prepare for hurricane season. In order to make sure you have what you need it is best to gather things incrementally.

72 – Hour Kit

The first line of preparedness for any emergency is to plan to meet your family’s or your organization’s basic survival needs for a minimum of 72 hours. By removing or reducing the uncertainty of where your basic supplies will come from during this critical 72 hour period, you will alleviate much of the stress you and your neighbors suffer in the aftermath of an emergency and allow for your building to more quickly return to normal operations.

Emergency preparation checklist

Disaster supply kit

Each household or facility should have a 72 hour supply of the following items in the event of a Hurricane: 

  1. Flashlight with extra batteries and bulbs
  2. Battery operated radio: NOAA Weather radio preferred.
  3. Water (one gallon per person per day) stored in plastic containers and Non-perishable foods (enough for each person):
    • Canned meats, fruits, vegetables and soups, dried fruits and nuts, cereal, crackers and cookies.
    • Coffee, tea and powdered drinks
    • Powdered, evaporated or boxed milk
  4. Mobile phone: Make sure you have one phone that is not dependent on electricity (non-cordless)
  5. First-aid kit and other over the counter medications and pain relievers
  6. Matches in waterproof container 
  7. Pet Supplies: Food and Water (72 hour supply) and other pet care items in waterproof place that is easily accessible. 
  8. Baby Supplies: food and/or formula Diapers, and supplies
  9. Prescription drugs (2-week supply)
    • Eyeglasses, contact lenses and supplies (if appropriate)
    • Insulin, cooling system and supplies for those with diabetes
  10. Sanitation and hygiene items:
    • Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrush and other items
    • Toilet paper, towelettes, feminine supplies
    • Soap, liquid detergent, disinfectant and bleach
  11. Important documents: Copies of important documents should be stored
  12. Cash (with some small bills) enough for 72 hours
  13. Clothing: One complete set per person with sturdy shoes

Other items to consider include the following:

  • Plastic storage containers
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Camera and film
  • Cooking Supplies: Manual can opener, utility knife, paper plates and utensils
  • Cooking Fuel: Sterno, propane gas, charcoal, and/or lighter fluid
  • Tools including shut-off wrench, pliers, nails, rope
  • Gasoline and/or Fuel for generators & cars in approved containers

We also recommend a sturdy backpack – one for each family member as a go bag in case of evacuation.  And don’t forget the old school entertainment!  Playing cards, books, board games etc to help pass the time during a power outage.

Please be safe during disasters and take a look at how to prepare for intense storms: before, during and after