When living in an apartment building it’s easy to forget that you live with others separated by mere inches of sheetrock. As a result, it is not uncommon to encounter the occasional noisy neighbor.

If you have this issue you are not alone, many residents across the mycoop network have this issue and New York City even has an entire noise code to try and keep the peace (and quiet).  

Call or write 311 to report noise in your building, especially if it’s ongoing. The city defines non-emergency noise as “loud music or television, talking, and moving or dragging of furniture,” but it can also encompass noise from pets, a loud air conditioner, opera singers and much more.

311 won’t contact your landlord about noise complaints in your building, but if you don’t think he or she will be on your side, another option is to contact your super, building management, owner, or tenant association for help. You can even cut out the middleman of 311 and encourage the police to crack down. Want to know if you’re alone in your fight? Post a notice on your mycoop building wall or create a public discussion to see if others in your building are hearing the same thing. To that end, getting more of the community involved ensures that you’re not fighting the good fight alone.

Alternatively, if calling in the big guns at 311 or within your building doesn’t get the job done the are other solutions. The New York Times reported one instance in which some Fort Greene residents negotiated with their drummer neighbors to keep the volume down. The Times also canvassed readers for how they dealt with noisy neighbors. In some cases, from the gentle extreme of appeasing noisy neighbors with a bottle of wine and a lighthearted request to the extreme of filing a lawsuit, we even came up with some suggestions that may help, the path is up to you.