mycoop quarantine homecoming

We could call this time in history as “Homecoming quarantine 2020”. So, we’re all home now, cozy, stressed, and very possibly in a panic-driven atypical need to catch anyone out there for a chat.

If you’re not the type who immediately got claustrophobic because they have to stay home. Or if you’re not the type who wants to do the opposite of what you’re told (social distancing? I just need a hug…). Or you might be the type who ran out of milk and you just can’t live without it.

Whatever the reason for leaving your safety bubble over the next couple weeks, we’re here today to throw the “safe social distancing” reminder your way and promote efforts to #flattenthecurve. Especially difficult in bigger cities, or for you folks who have no sense of personal space, be advised that:

Recommended distances to any other person is SIX FEET!

Now, before we start seeing all the high school teachers come out with their rulers, make sure you keep that safe distance! Just think, two arm lengths away, or six rulers lined-up away, or one pro basketball player, laying down, away…etc. Regardless of how you see it, its quite a big gap to mind. This could mean a max of about 4 people per bus or train, and no shared cabs. One person every 6 steps on the escalator, and don’t even think about sharing that Bird scooter ride!

For all residents dying to chat, waiting to see a neighbor, all we have to say is keep your distance! No chatting unless you’re about two doors down from one another. Definitely no hopping on the elevator together, and no holding the door open so you can walk out together! Better get a cup and some 6’ string ready, because that is the name of the game now!

“Most mailrooms are less than six square feet.”

If you were out in public and just getting home, but need your mail first, better hope your alone. Most mailrooms are less than 6 square feet, so this means if anyone else is there getting their mail, you’ll just have to wait, no exceptions. “Yeah but I have my key ready and I’ll be super super fast” won’t cut it here, pal! Would you use that line if the person was coughing and sneezing? Didn’t think so! Even if you think your exposure time is very short, it still poses just as much of a threat. Your mail can wait and so can you but keep that mailbox key ready.

Technology is your friend

Although this six feet rule is tough to maintain, the good news is that we have an incredible amount of technology that helps. From FaceTime to Facebook, WhatsApp to Messenger, Instagram to LinkedIn, there are so many ways to make six feet irrelevant!

For most residents, all your maintenance needs can be taken care of through an online resident portal. If your property managers don’t have anything like that, now is a great time to suggest one!

Feel free to recommend mycoop to your managers and get connected online, and we can say goodbye to “six feet”. We would also love to hear how you and your property managers are getting through this “Homecoming quarantine 2020”. Please send us your comments, testimonials and a pic to We will try to feature you in one of our upcoming blog posts! Until then, stay cozy, stay connected, or #flattenthecurve by staying six feet apart!